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POLL: Tell Us Your Favorite Winning Investor Topics!

It’s every parent’s favorite time of year.

Back to school!

I only joke — I loved having my 4-year-old daughter home with me for the summer.

But there’s something exciting about a fresh school year stretching ahead of you, rich with potential.

While my daughter doesn’t get to pick her subjects, we’re both equally excited to see everything she’ll be doing this year. There are fun extracurriculars like library and ballet, of course, as well as the standard reading, writing and arithmetic.

At Winning Investor Daily, we’re making our own fresh start.

We’ve made some big changes within the last month.

We welcomed Amber Lancaster aboard as Director of Investment Research.
Amber and Ian started two new YouTube series: Monday Market Insights and Mega Trend Thursdays.
Ian also introduced a new Wednesday send called Tomorrow’s Biggest Tech Trends Today.

We hope you’re excited about these additions to your subscription!

But, as we continue improving this publication, there’s one very important person we need to hear from.


That’s why I have a quick poll for you today.

As a Winning Investor Daily reader, what are your favorite topics to hear about from Ian and Amber?

Just click below to let us know!

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And don’t forget to write us at with anything you’d like to see Ian and Amber discuss!

And keep reading below for this week’s Winning ideas.

This Week’s Winning Investor Ideas

Your Stock Market Cheat Sheet: Inflation, Cryptos and More — In this week’s Market Insights, Ian King and Amber Lancaster take a look at the economy, cryptos and a major tech mega trend.

3D-Printing Trio Set to Disrupt Home Construction — We are just in the initial stages of 3D-printed home construction. That’s when you want to invest. Here’s how.

Why You Should’ve Invested $1 in Crypto in 2013 — If you invested $1 in bitcoin in 2013, you’d be sitting on an open gain of 20,398%. Luckily, you haven’t missed the crypto wave entirely…

$6 Tech Stock Could Soar 4,867% — A real estate tech company just reported earnings and what its management revealed has the market buzzing.


Best Wishes,

Tiffany D’Abate

Senior Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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