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Multi-Millionaire in 10 Years? He Thinks YES!

Paul made a big call this week. 

There’s a BIG, big, REALLY big bull market setting up to rip HIGHER.

And yeah. Haters gonna hate. 

They can’t take the #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) heat 🔥!

But can you? 

We feel YES! Especially after a note like this from the Strong Hands Nation: 


I am a long-time member of your “Strong Hands Club.” I own pretty much all of the stocks across all of your newsletters. I wanted to let you know you and your team do an amazing job. I have listened to a lot of negativity and complaining from many of your subscribers. 

I wanted to send a quick email to say, keep your head up. Many of your subscribers are not whiners and complainers — you do an excellent job of scouting and vetting great companies for us to invest in. I did not want you to get discouraged and wanted to send a positive email. 

Too many people feel investing is a get rich scheme and do not have the patience for the long game. They buy in too heavy to start and do not have the cash to buy the dips when there is volatility. Your Rules of Game is full of great advice and unfortunately not everyone takes the time to read the information. 

Keep smiling and let everyone know most of us understand and greatly appreciate you!! I have attached my 100X portfolio and as you can see I own a good chunk — yes, some stocks took off after my initial investment, so I am not perfectly weighted. I am not too concerned about that — I will continue to fill those positions. 

I continue to buy the dips in small chunks, and many of your stocks I have purchased more than 20 times to drive down my cost basis. I have been a member of 100X Club from the beginning!!! I own over 200 newsletters and all of your newsletters are the best hands down!!!

I know you are not able to give financial advice of any kind; I just want to know one thing. In 10-years, will I be a multi-millionaire?? LOL!! I certainly think so!!

— Robby

That’s what we like to hear. 

Stay bullish.



And keep flexing those Strong Hands until you get to your millionaire-status goal! 

Our time cometh!! 

Will You Be Ready?

Our Bold Profits team sure is! Check it out:

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